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Transgender Patients With Endometriosis: A Commonly Overlooked And Mistreated Condition in an Under-Diagnosed Demographic

Contrary to what many may mistakenly believe, the transitioning process does not cure endometriosis or rule out the...
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Preoperative Anxiety

After a few visits and talks with your doctor, you are finally ready to opt in for surgery....
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Could Classifying Endometriosis as a Syndrome Result in Better Care for Patients?

Currently endometriosis is classified as a disease amongst the medical community. This disease is notorious for being elusive...
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My Doctor Suspects I Have Endometriosis, but My MRI Was Negative. What Does This Mean?

Chronic lower abdominal or pelvic pain can be very frustrating, especially when the root cause seems to be...

Lupron and GnRH agonists: Cures For Endometriosis or Expensive Yet Ineffective Poisons?

Lupron is a gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonist—a hormonal medication that is currently used by some providers to treat...


In an effort to keep our patients safe during the current COVID-19 pandemic, our office is offering alternative...



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