The Truth About Endometriosis & Infertility

The Truth About Endometriosis & Infertility

Living with Endometriosis is difficult and can take a toll on you. The symptoms associated with the condition can be debilitating, disrupting your daily routine and even getting in the way of normal day-to-day activities.

One of the most daunting misconceptions about Endometriosis is its relation to infertility. Read on to discover the truth about Endometriosis and infertility.

1. Your condition

Endometriosis does not automatically mean infertility. You might have no problem conceiving and delivering a healthy baby.

2. Stats on Endometriosis-related infertility

Studies have shown that 30-50% of people with endometriosis face infertility. Some people only find out about their condition once they start trying to conceive.

3. Treatment options

If you are trying to get pregnant, your doctor will take this into consideration when you decide together on your treatment path. Laparoscopic excision is a minimally invasive option that removes lesions, which may improve your chances of getting pregnant.

4. In vitro treatment

Your doctor may suggest opting for in vitro fertilization, particularly if you are unable to conceive naturally after a Laparoscopy. Excision surgery not only improves your chances of conceiving naturally but also your success with IVF. This can be discussed with your doctor when the time comes.

If you suspect your condition is affecting your fertility, be sure to bring this up with your doctor. There is always a solution, and your doctor can help you find the best-case scenario for your specific condition.

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