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Transabdominal Cerclage

Cervical Insufficiency, also known as Cervical Incompetence, can be corrected through a procedure called a Cervical Cerclage.

Transabdominal cerclage (TAC) is reserved for select people with previous failed transvaginal cerclage (TVC) and/or anatomic limitations to TVC placement due to short or absent cervix.

TAC is performed through laparoscopic/robotic approaches, with the extensive expertise and hands on experience of Dr. Gaby Moawad.

The indications for TAC include previous failed TVC and/or cervical anomaly, including history of congenital anomaly (short or absent cervix) or extensive cervical laceration or cervical surgery like LEEP in cases of precancerous lesions or cancer of the cervix.

The minimally invasive approach of a laparoscopic or robotic procedure offers a smoother and more stress-free experience with minimal recovery time and highly successful outcomes.

Transabdominal cerclage involves placing a tied loop high onto the cervix, helping reinforce the cervix and support it, preventing it from opening during pregnancy pre-term, while keeping the blood flow from the uterine artery unaffected.

After a Transabdominal cerclage, you should rest and avoid heavy activity and lifting heavy objects. Your doctor can guide you further on how to proceed after your procedure if you are pregnant.

With both an international and national reputation, Dr. Moawad is a fellowship-trained surgeon with a decade of experience in performing successful minimally invasive abdominal cerclages. Dr. Moawad continues to educate and publish his work on these kinds of minimally invasive procedures, gaining expertise and credibility around the world.

At CEAPS, we believe in offering options that guarantee better outcomes for our patients. As Dr. Moawad puts it, “There is no condition too complex for minimally invasive surgery.” We exhaust all options before opting for open surgery as a last resort.

Call us or request an appointment with Dr. Gaby Moawad to address your condition.

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